Around Lucia's name formed and are forming many institutions thet demostrate how much she was respected and loved.

Just after she passed away, in Padova, a group of her friends gave life to the FONDAZIONE LUCIA VALENTINI TERRANI ONLUS, that is extremely active in organizing concerts and specials for charity purposes. The main objectives of the foundation are mostly two:

In the name of Lucia Valentini Terrani there are already two awards: one sponsored by "L'Opera" magazine and a second one within the "Premio Internazionale Sant'Antonio", sponsored by the monthly publication "Messaggero di Sant'Antonio".

Lucia was a "Different" artist, a "Special" woman, "Unique" in her own way of being, of thinking, of managing her art and her person.

In the full respect of the unicity of Lucia, this new meaning has been found for the foundation, taking in two essential aspects of Lucia's life: the music and the severely ill..

So are oriented the first steps of our activity: