The memories of Alberto Terrani, her husband
As a kid, the fairy tales I liked the most were those that spoke about a prince meeting a beautiful young girl, met by chance but immediately imposed by the beauty of her face, the sweetness of her traits, the purity of her heart, the dignity of her character. And when she started to sing, with a bright and musical voice, the sudden infatuation turned in love, an infinite love, without any borders.
They got married, she became the Queen adored by her King and by her people...
And everything ended with "...and they lived happily ever after".
I lived this fairy tale in first person when thirty years ago in Padova, my Hometown, I was invited at a liric and prose evening party. That way I met Lucia Valentini: I was spellbound by the beauty of her face, the sweetness of her traits, the purity of her heart, the dignity of her character, and I was enraptured by her voice when she started to sing. The Love was complete, because I found in her everything I ever dreamed for as an expression, unique, of woman for whom it was worth to give it all. As a matter of fact Lucia was, and is, unique.

Unique in her personality, interwoven of humanity, intelligence, tenderness and freedom. Unique in her work as a liric artist: her singing, conquered with a constant and continue application, with a never superficial dedication, with tension and respect for the music and the public. Unique in her relating with others, always generous and full of attentions in front of selfishness and jelousy, joy and pain, full of solidariety toward those in need. Unique in her faith. Accepting all the trials (Of triumph and exclusion, of fragility and weakness, of faith in recovery and knowledge that there was no hope) as steps of her approach to the Lord, during a pilgrimage that gives meaning to the earthly existence.
Unique in her faithfulness to the family, patrimony of values and affection that she could make perpetual even after her disappearance.

My life with her has been an extraordinary adventure, the only expression of "...and they lived happily ever after".

Even today, the fairy tale continues with the FONDAZIONE LUCIA VALENTINI TERRANI ONLUS and the cultural, artistic and social activities that give further dignity to Lucia's name locating her memory in the universe of suffering and human promotion, provident icon of positive values of life.

For all this inexhaustible is my engagement, complete is my will, totally donated is my person.

...Alberto Terrani ...